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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

me again!


Va bene. Come state? Another week has come and gone...and in 2 days, we are recieving our flight plans. Crazy! I'm really excited- we've been hearing more and more stories from our teachers about the mission field, and we are so pumped up to go out there and have our own experiences. I wish I were flying with my district, but being alone will help give me added courage to start sharing my testimony with fellow fliers Ü
I am still with my original district (Fallon) but the two giant anziani going to Catania have been added to ours, even though they're not in our class. So, Wednesday- 25 missonaries arrived. Can I just tell you how hard it was for us to concentrate when we heard missionaries arriving in the next classroom?! I was sitting near the door, and I looked out and a Sorella turned, saw me, and then squealed and ran up to me. Sorella Chambers! We recognized eachother right off the bat. I barely get to see her; the 4 sisters going to Rome are in a different room, and 5 going to Milan are in my room, but it's ok. They've been bonding as a district and that's how it should be. They are all amazing and a few of them are having anxiety issues, but we're all working together to love and support eachother. It is nice have fellow sisters, but I find myself still wanting to spend the majority of meal times with my district, and my district has been doing the same. It's awesome having 2 whole lunch tables full of Italians, but after a week of integrating in with them, we've found that we are more comfortable with eachother and are back to congregating to one end Ü

One of the highlights of this week was seeing Elder Go recieve a package from Grandma Spalding. We were on our way back from dinner and Elder Go runs up to the Anziani and asks them who Karen Spalding is, and all of them point to me. Gma Spalding is quite well-known and loved in our district- and he thanked me a million times over and his face was glowing. He beams every time I see him. Gma Spalding, Grazie. You've made a difference for a missionary who needed it.
In the new districts, there is one Elder, Anziano Bolnick, who joined the church 13 months ago and is here with zero support from his family. Actually, they're very much against it. So, although I know it's akward writing someone you know nothing about, just share your testimony of missionary work and how much of a difference his choice to serve a mission will make for many people.
A strange thing happened to me a few days ago- I ate a chocolate jelly bean....and I liked it.
You may not believe it, and no one but our district does, but Deron Williams twin brother is one of the new Anziani. Or it is the REAL Deron Williams, but he doesn't play bball too great, so I think it's his twin.
The new mission presidents for Rome and Milan have been announced! Does anyone know if it's been announced what's happening with the Temple and other things in Rome? I want to talk about it but I don't know if it's been announced, so please let me know.
Guess what? Tomorrow, our district gets to host!!! That means that we get to stand out on the curb, and when a sister pops out, I'll get to show her to her room, give her a tour, and etc. I'll be her first impression of the MTC! Unfortunately, most of us didn't have very good hosts. Mine was moaning about how depressed she was about having to serve at the Kirtland Temple. AGH! So I'm excited to try to be the kind of host I wish I had.
After little thought and deliberation, I have found one thing that I would change about the MTC in a heartbeat. Every morning when I go to shower, there is, inevitably, someone blowing their nose in the shower. Excuse me. If that stuff plugs your nose and makes it difficult for you to breathe, what do you think it does to the drainage? Seriously. Keep it in there, or dispose of it using what was made for that- tissue paper!!!
Out of the new sisters in my room, I was blessed enough to be put with Sorelle who sleep walk AND sleeptalk. It's quite an experience waking up to find someone leaning over you or waking up to hear someone grumbling about 'bad habits'.
With Sorella Pickett leaving, the first few days found me abandoned quite often by my Anziani. I guess they forgot they had to escort me and pick me up from my dorm, so I'd often find myself putting on a pitiful face and walking up to the nearest Elders and asking them to climb up 4 flights of stairs to accompany me to my class.... ayayaya.
This past Sunday, seeing it was Fast Sunday, was Mission Conference. EVERY missionary, young or senior, and the Presidency meet together and for 2 hours, we shift ourselves so that we don't get calluses on our rears. One of the Elders scheduled to say the opening prayer recieved his visa to Brazil so he isn't here, and they asked me to say it. I asked Slla Chambers to sit up on the stand with me and we FROZE TO DEATH. I ended up saying the closing prayer, and before the conference started, the MTC President asked me if I knew my prayer language...?! What? Then he said 'thine, thou, etc' and I nodded and then he asked me if he had to tell me what I should include in my prayer. Really? I didn't know where he was getting at... do I look like I can't pray? But reasoning kicked it and I recalled prayers I've heard that weren't.... the best..... (as in, praying for us to get home safely (I guess we need safety climbing down a flight of stairs), etc, but I told him I was ok and he walked off with his eyebrows raised. I said the prayer (I'm so glad I didn't have to talk, I don't know how people stand under that light! No wonder speakers get emotional, they have no choice! The light made my eyes tear up and I had them open just for a split second. I said the prayer and then the MTC President thanked me- ha! I hadn't failed him!
It was also really fun to read the speakers prompts- I knew what they were going to say before they said it. It was like being the Spirit...lots of fun :)
oi oi. Time running out. Real quick- I sent the Book of Mormon to Gloria, and she hasn't been answering her phone...so hope and pray!
I love companionship inventory! Last night, I did it with Anziano Stoker and Deursch, and it really brings us closer to eachother. I'm getting better at confronting people. Especially with the new sisters- the DL asked me to remind them about a few certain rules, and I dreaded it, but counsel given with love and boldness is taken well. (usually).
I've been AGAIN sick this week so I really do look like rudolph........ah haha. I love it. I get stares.
Sorry for adding this in here, but AMBER... I need tights! I've asked L but she's really busy, so I'm wondering if you could send me tights. Actually, I'm not wondering. Would you send me some?! I'm almost wearing shower nets on my legs. seriously.
I got to take trash out again for my service project and floated away in happiness. It's so much fun, one day I'll be able to explain why.
Oh. Time. NOt good. Alright, in closing, I wanted to say how grateful I am for my Savior. He really does know each of us much much better than we imagine. He has faith in each of us- and we, in the preexistence, had faith in Christ to go through with the atonement. I am still working on my letter that Dera will post- I just don't have a lot of time. Thanks for being patient with me; if I don't get around to replying to letters, there's always next week. This is not my time, and I'm trying to be as obedient and as focused as I can be. I don't want to regret having wasted a moment. I love you. You're all in my prayers. Trust in the Lord, and strive to have the Spirit. It's vital!
Enjoy the snow for me too!


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