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Thursday, July 22, 2010



This weeks been....hot. But, as I cheerfully remind Sorella Riffaldi as she wipes her forehead for the millionth time, its just going to get hotter in August!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and packages- I really am way too spoiled. I recieved Moms packages a few days before the 16th, and then Lenoras and Ambers arrived on our birthday, and the candy was soon unwrapped and the pictures passed around. One of the miracles of the month is that Lenora wrote me a HAND-WRITTEN LETTER. Ive only read it maybe a couple dozen times, and Im still awed :) At this rate, she doesnt even have to worry about writing me a second letter, seeing that it wont have to be mailed! Grazie Lenora- I know it was a big sacrifice for you. Its all the more appreciated. As for the 200 otter pops that you bought of the wrong flavor, you can send them our way too.

For the 16th, we had lots of appts scheduled but most of them fell through........so Ill always remember it as the day it took us
2 1\2 hours to go to the Kruz family, when it usually takes just an hour. I love buses

Actually....you couldnt. Last week, we were teaching Gloria, a recent convert, about obedience and appartenly, she still hasnt been able to give up tea. So, we decided that we would all sacrifice something that would be hard for us. Gloria has given up tea for a month (we are hoping itll be longer than that), I have given up refined sugar, and Slla Riffaldi has to get up on time, at 6:30 am. Sorella Riffaldi has been enjoying my sugar fast bc it means all the more for her :)

The baptisms this week went so swell and Ill send a pic ...forse.

The news of this week is that the assitants and our district leaders are telling us that although President said that he thought that he would keep us together for next transfer since we work so well together, he has thought things over and rather than having one strong point, he thinks he will split us up to make two. Sorella Riffaldi would leave and Ill stay here in Roma 2. They also asked if I know of any rule in the handbook that says Zone Leaders have to be priesthood holders. They sure have a sense of humor.
Because we arent sure if this is our last week together or not, we are going to do something Slla Riffaldi has been wanting to do for pday- jump on a tramploline. We discovered an amazing park with turltes and fish, and they also have trampolines. So, I find myself today, in gouchos and tennis shoes, wishing that I were in a skirt. I do NOT like being dressed like this, especially with a tag! I think Ill somehow manage bc itll make Slla Riffaldi happy to go, and then when we return home I can change back into a skirt and breath a sigh of relief.

I got a letter from Laurent yesterday! He is preparing to recieve the Priesthood :) (imagine a million beaming, smiley faces)

Slla Riffladi has requested lots of mexican food this possibly "last" week together, so in exchange, she made us pasta carbonara yesterday for lunch. Id have to say that I would have cooked the eggs before and after adding it to the pasta- runny eggs has never been my favorite. (you cook bacon, add eggs, and then drain some pasta- add the egg mix to the pasta and supposedly the heat of the pasta cooks the egg. NOT TRUE. well, maybe slightly, but I dont recommend it. Unless, of course, you dont mind eating pasta through a straw).

I did see Carla, Zio, Sara ...and a few other family members at Camilas baptism :)

Since I have to go, I just wanted to recommend reading the talk by Pres Uchtdorf on Patience in the last conference.
Im sorry I didnt get to write a fraction of what I wanted to share- time really flies!

Buona settimana-
Sorella Urban

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