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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Transfer 2

Buon Giorno!!!!!

So. Yesterday night President Acerson FINALLY decided to call us and let us know what our fate was- Sorella Hughes guessed right- my new companion will be Sorella Nelson, from Seattle, WA too. She is serving in Sardegna now and will catch a boat tonight to Rome and will arrive in Florence tomorrow evening. So I am excited for the many adventures that lay ahead :) She dies in 2 transfers, so my guess is that we will be together for 2 transfers, and she will die in the Milan Mission. Tommy, I am happy to hear how excited you are, but its not 100% that I will be in the Milan Mission :) Its just about 99.9% sure.

I asked President, and he said that I can call whichever day, as long as it doesnt interfere with other things, so I am thinking that since you wont be home all day on Sunday Mom, that I will either try calling Sat or Monday, and keep trying until you pick up..... Dad, I am not sure when youll be in the office, so I think I will try the same thing, and if its not a good time to talk, (I have an hour) then we can work something out for when I can call back.

This week has improved with the mosquitoes- I have spent a few nights in the kitchen, bent over the kitchen table with a pillow and trying to get some sleep that way, but the Sorella lent us some mosquito repellent thing that has worked wonders and I have moved out of the kitchen. Sorella Hughes has been living in a cloud the past week, and hasnt been sleeping well. She leaves tomorrow morning, and last night she packed and got her things together and it was just strange for all of us. I almost feel like I am at the end of my mission- its been good seeing her go throught this though, because its making me want to work everyday like it is my last, because time does go by quickly and before I know it, itll be my turn to pack my bags. I am trying to make every moment count.

Today, cinqo di mayo (I forgot how to spell or say it!) marks the day MARGARITA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made carrot cake, banana bread, and zucchini bread to take tonight- this is such a special day for us all. In a few hours, we are going to Laurents home to see his whole family. Last week, he invited us to where he is taking a cooking course, and today he will cook for us and we will provide an American dessert. He is making so much progress, despite how hard it is for him to accept the Atonement. How wonderful it is that we can be forgiven of our sins, and that we dont have to carry that burden on our shoulders because He has done it for us. It is painful to see him not fully realize how to utilize the Atonement, and to continually suffer for his past wrongs. I hope I can always take full advantage of what He has done for me; I am realizing more than ever now how good it is to have memory. He forgets our sins when we repent, but He allows us to remember them so that we can learn from them, not to carry the guilt.

The work goes on. There is so much to do, and we are slowly chipping away at all the potential there is. I am so grateful for His continual guidance and blessings.
Have a wonderful week. Remember His Sacrifice and make it intimately personal.
Joshua 1:9 and Mark 5:36 :)

Sorella Urban

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