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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rome is still standing

Rome is still standing, and the car still runs------I know that question was on all of your minds, so you can now breath, relax, and peacefully read the rest of the email (which wont be long bc we need to book it).

I can drive stick shift! I dont think Brett, Tommy, or Debora would ever believe it, but its true :) Sorella Riffaldi drew a giant "P" and stuck it on our backshield to let others know to have patience bc Im learning. (P means beginners, although it does stand for patience) :)

This week. This week. Has FLOWN BY. I almost feel guilty being on the internet bc it does not feel like its already Wednesday. Wow. Mother- a recipe for cheesecake? (I mean, an EASY recipe for cheesecake? Its something SR wants to try)... I have now resorted to just making yogurt cakes for treats to take people- If I remember correctly...no, I cant remember. Ill send the recipe next week.

Nelsons getting baptized!!!!!!! Hes the man from the Philippines who was at Beths house; we went there to teach her, and he was there fixing a fan and he listened in, so we invited him to hear the lessons and hes the most faithful in attending church and coming to english class. Anziano Hale and Anziano Mickelsen taught him last week because we werent able to make it, and they set a date for Sept 11!! They called to tell us and we immediately called Nelson and asked if he could change it to the 4th; that way itll happen before transfers and SR will be sure to see it. We are so happy! We taught him several commandments yesterday- he just has to give up some wine which isnt a problem for him. Hes SO ready.

Maria wanted to set a date last week in the presence of her finace, but something with her stomach is wrong so we havent been able to meet with her all week....

All the missionaries were to spend the 14, Ferragosto (a holiday) in their apartments cleaning EVERYTHING. We did it thursday bc we managed to get some appts for the 14- We started cleaning at 6:30 am and finished towards 6:30 pm. I noticed some mold in the shower so I scrubbed it and called Elder Burt, in the office; he gave me permission to buy some chaulk and a gun. We ventured out and looked for a ferraments, where we bought the supplies. Grandpa- thanks for all the times you asked if I wanted to help you do odds and ends in the garden. I remember a few years ago when there was a leak in the wood box out front in the middle of the roses- you just wrapped tephlon tape (is that whats its called?) around it and it did the job....SO, when we saw that our washer machine leaks, I knew what we needed! We bought tephlon tape and it did the job. Sorella Riffaldi is amazed at how I knew these things- I didnt let her in on the fact that Im, in general, quite clueless, but I feed off of the knowledge of others to make myself appear smart. It works!

The assistants have been in Sardegna for the past few days and they are returning tonight, with an item of high importance--- WORM CHEESE! I didnt know it existed till Richard Madsen, who served here, told me about it- we are getting it tonight and having a ceremony of eating live worms. I will definitely take pictures and try to capture the experience next time I write. Last night, at a members home (the Zapatas) they made us rice alla cocacola (rather than putting in water to cook rice, you put in coke to give it a sweeter taste) and they added all sorts of vegetables and meat, including LOTS of mini octopus legs (arms?). They looked like lizard tails- I tried chewing my first- it wasnt pleasant, so I sent the next dozen down whole. I know Im blessed in this aspect. I usually cant swallow pills on the first attempt, and there I was sending down pen-size octopus legs without choking or making a scene.
We know the worms will be bouncing in our mouths, but I think Ill be able to send them down whole too.

This week we went to see Patrizia, a middle-aged woman who lives at a phsychiatric house. Id never met her prior to going, but she calls an average of 3 times a day to ask when we were going to visit her. SR had been once and it took all day to get out there, but seeing that we had the car, we went and it turned out to be better than I imagined. We sat on a bench and read 3 Nefi 17 together, and the chapter became alot more real to me. There we were, surrounded by people with "afflictions" and while we took reading the story, it really made me wonder at how wonderful it must have been to have been there and to witness Christ heal the sick and bless the children. I dont think Ill ever read that story again without thinking back to sitting there with Patrizia. I can just hope and try to be better at treating everyone as who they are- children of God, who have just as much divine potential as I do. We are in this together; lets all try a little harder at extending a hand of relief to those whose "arms hang low". It is in the service of others that we really find what matters most.

Sandras left for Peru for a month; we already miss her. She was a little nervous to go bc her brother was planning on baptizing her....oops. Check that off the list! :) He might be shocked for a minute, but Im sure he will be happy for her.

Well, besides eating octopus, worms, driving past moms exit (Terni...not really moms exit but close enought), and OH! We found someone in the area book, Jackie, who had a bap date last year but cancelled it bc she didnt want to move out from her boyfriends place. Well, we met with her yesterday and wed jokingly planned on convincing her to either break up or get married- she said herself that she could happily head home, pack up her bags, and walk out the door. Apparently, shes been with him for a year but only bc shes lonely- she doesnt care for him in any way and wants to tell him the truth, but shes afraid that hed fall back into depression if she did, so she is going to wait till she has her ticket for Peru, tell him shes gone, and head out the door..........uh....like thats not going to crush him? Oh dear. Well. Not how we expected things, but we have some work to do with her. How important it is to be honest with others- it would save everyone alot of heartbreak and anguish. ayay. times up- SR wants to see some sights in Rome, so we are going to pick up Anz Hale and Mickelsen and go to the colosseum and a few places where Paul and Peter preached.

Con affetto, and buona settimana
Slla Urban :)

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