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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Send the cherry fairy my way!!!!!

Whoever this cherry fairy is, send her my way! Or apricot fairy, Im not very picky. (Maybe grape?) Im living off of Fiji apples (I think Ive finally decided whats my favorite apple, besides Melinda golden) and peaches here and there. Unfortunately, the watermelon craze died off at 14.... we picked up yogurt though ;)

Well. I cant necessarily say that Im in a bad mood, but Im not in the BEST mood Ive ever been. I need to learn my lesson and stop praying to develop christlike attributes, like patience. Everything that could possibly go wrong has gone wrong, and its only 10:00 am. Oh dear.
When I logged on and saw that I have insurance forms to fill out, etc, I nearly logged back off. ay ay..... :)
Sorella Nelson left for Americaland (as she would say) this week, and I feel like somewhere in Milan, a piece of my heart was chipped off when her flight took off.

What happened this week?
We were on a bus when it stopped to pick up some people, and all of a sudden, the poopiest smell (thats the only word I can think of to describe it, because it was OBVIOUSLY poop) flooded the bus and just as I was feeling a giggle start to bubble, EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the bus jumped up and fled to a window. They all yanked them open and some of them stuck their heads out. Seeing that I have a "slower" companion, it was about this point that she turned to me with a slight crinkle to her nose and asked me if I smelled anything. Uh........maybe she hadnt connected the dots that everyone was, at this point, half stuffed outside of the windows.
With our missionary luck, the "culprit" or source, sat directly infront of us. (mind you, with all the windows open so the air was all in our face) and the bus driver immediately floored it bc he probably thought that the faster he went, the odor would get pushed out of the bus.
Then........to make matters more awkward (I dont think I have to mention that this entire time Im fighting laughter) we spot Pietro behind us, an investigator. We moved to sit with him, chatted about the stink (he brought it up) and then just as the air was clearing and my lungs were no longer burning (some people were starting to struggle getting themselves unwedged from the windows and returning to their seats) the man got up and the stench returned. He got off, and as Slla Riffaldi noticed, his pants "seemed a little heavy". So thats the poop story of the week. (Do I write about poop every week? I dont think so.....)

I saw Sorella Foote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took a nursing course together, and bc we had sorella Tinoco with us, we had to drop her off at the Villa and we met all the new arrivals. Its so neat having Sorella Foote in the field, even if she went to the heel of Italia.

Sorella Riffaldi made pane penelle- a paste made with flour from cecci, and then you fry it and stick it in bread like a sandwich- and on day two, our kitchen smelled like Nair. (hair removal cream). It made me think of when Mom and Dad were in Austria and Marianna came to babysit us and she didnt realize the purpose of Nair and had slathered Nair all over her body, INCLUDING her face. HAAAA!

Yesterday on a bus, a man asked us if we were Jehovahs witnesses. No. He listed off a few other groups, to which we said no, and then he said "well, youre the prettiest Satanists Ive ever seen" and then he got off. Why, thankyou.

I got a letter from Max- hes been home from his mission for 3 months, and hes applying to BYU Hawaii. Sabina is in Moscow doing a mini mission :)! Im afraid that I still havent been wiped completely out of his future :S

The Sommerfeldts (senior couple from Draper) left this week. They live about a spit away, so we went over and helped make a few phonecalls about their internet contract, and washed windows and cleaned fridges. The Crawfords moved up from Catania and have moved into their place- theyre so nice! I am going to miss Anz Sommerfeldt throwing water down on us from the balcony, but Im sure Anz Crawford will come up with something to carry on.

At dinner at an investigators house last week I was asked "Do you like prosciutto with melon?" I made a little face and said, uh...well, I tried it once and its not my favorite....no. No, I dont really like it. And just then, the mom was pulling out of the fridge..... guess what! A tray of melon with prosciutto. I wouldnt have started laughing emarrassedly (is that a ward?) if it hadnt been for sorella Riffaldi who started laughing. Ah. The rare moments when I think I can control myself from making a situation more awkward, there she goes and destorys the possibility.

The night we cleaned the sommberfeldts house, they took us out for kebabs at a turkish face next door- we were eating and I told them that I remember baklava (a turkish dessert) being really good and that they had to try some at some point. Right then, the owner came out with a plate of baklava to gift us (what is with me and free food?) and bc of what Id said, they dug in and .....hated it. Anz Sommerfeldt acted like Id told him that a squashed rat is a favorite of mine. so again, that was embarassing. Highly reccomending something that turned out to be nasty. Since i cant have sugar till the 19th, I couldnt try it, but hey, it was made by a turk. It has to be good!

The scoop of this week------------- we are on a time crunch now bc we are meeting with Maria (the 20) in church soon.... today we are going to talk about being honest , and I imagine that it will go something like this: "Maria, you have been engaged to Roberto for almost a year. Youve been dating him for 2. Your mom knows you have a friend who is 15 years older than you, but your dad suspects that there may be something between you. The age thing is of no importance, BUT, you have to tell your parents! AND, we would like to teach you about the law of chastity. You need to move out ASAP."
ay ay ay. She wants to tell her mom about Roberto AFTER the wedding.... that she wants to have in church. Im not sure I can help organize a wedding with a clear conscience. I cant imagine raising a daughter and dreaming of the day shell get married, and then have her come up to me and tell me she got married behind my back bc she was afraid Id not accept the groom. ?!!?!?!?

We also went to a Leukemia Hostel (hotel place where people stay if they have to stick around for awhile) to meet up with a few people that Slla Riffaldi met up in Milano while they were getting treated there. They invited us down to the sala, a game room, and they gathered up the others who live in the house, and we all sat around a table and they bombarded us with questions. We miraculously were able to teach about the restoration and the plan of salvation, and that was the most touching part. All the moms cried and it really makes me so grateful for my health and the knowledge the gospel provides. We looked them in the eye and told them that they can be with their loved ones for eternity; the kids are so brave. Most of them were nothing but skin and bones, and yet, their eyes shined while we spoke. We are going back this week bc they each want a copy of the book of mormon. I usually dont appreciate my health till Im sick, but meeting with them made me realize also how important living the word of wisdow is. Its not just not smoking, drinking, etc. It goes beyond that- I hope we all will find ways that we can improve out eating and exercise habits to show how grateful we are for our bodies.

I need to wrap this up. Maria awaits :) Theres so much I want to write and share- maybe therell be time in the eternity .....

Sorella Urban

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