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Saturday, September 18, 2010

This is Sorella Urban reporting

This will be short and Ill try to make it sweet ;)

Anthony, the Elders investigator, was baptized on Wednesday. To celebrate, I made brownies for the refreshment. Seeing that I didnt have enought butter, I substituted with peanut butter. It was a hit. At 10;30 that night, the Elders recieved a phone call from Anthonys Dad, Peter, who is not a member. Anthony is super allergic to peanuts, so they went over to him and he was basically paralyzed and struggling to breathe. They gave him a blessing and within a minute, he was doing better. OOps. Ooops. The youth in the church have given me a nickname, "Joey Killer".
I feel terrible, but listening to Peters testimony on the miracle made me think "Hey, maybe it was inspiration to add the PB! The Lord used the opportunity to show forth His power in the conversion process of Peter". So, now I dont feel so bad.

Marias getting baptized this Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed- thinks always come up that she cant make it to her appointments...............

Lenora- Elder Giorgino doesnt leave the MTC till October. Itd be really nice for him to recieve a package (hint hint).

Elder Ballard, Rasband, Causse, and Bishop Edgley made a quick surprise visit to Rome on Monday. The Rome Zone got together and they all spoke with the 20 of us on Monday afternoon, and gave us tips to what we can do better. Its incredible having a modern Apostle walk where Paul and Peter walked. That night, they met with members at the stake conference building. It was like a breath of fresh air to see Carla, Zia, Robe, and lots of other familiar faces. Elder Ballard encouraged the members to work and help the missionaries. Yay!

Sorella Askew is still alive and breathing ;) She reminds me ALOT of Joni! She has the prettiest eyes- one is green and ones brown. She already speaks Italian incredibly well and is super friendly and talkative. She is also a question machine- for which Im grateful to have Sorella Riffaldi because I definitely dont know all the answers to Italian grammar.

We have made a transfer vision, and we have set high goals. This transfer is going to be hard but with the potential of being incredible. There is alot to improve on, and its good having Sorella Askew.
For Pday, we are going to the colosseum and st. Peters, and then to the amazing Ottaviano pastry shop ;)

Thank you for your prayers- I sure need them.
Sorella Urban

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