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Monday, September 27, 2010


Well................ another week has come and gone.

Saturday morning, after I made a gigantic batch of brownies for Marias baptism that night, we went to go do some house. We chose an apt building and when it came to Slla Riffaldis turn, she knocked and a young girl let us in and we met her mother, Jenny- they are from the Philippines and had just moved. They came to church the next day with us, and on Monday we taught the Restoration and invited Jenny to be baptized and she accepted. She is incredible!

Maria cancelled her baptism. Roberto found out that she was going to be baptized and flipped and so Maria wants to wait till he returns. The Zone Leaders put some unnecessary pressure on us, implying that if she werent baptized that night, we lacked faith or that we didnt try hard enough. We spoke with her and left at ease, so we are happy with how things are going. There are things we feel that we can help Maria work on. In the meantime, the zone leaders have been told to let companionships make and reach their own goals. Amen.

On Sunday night the assistants asked us what wed done that day. S Riffaldi replied "We went to a discoteca". They laughed and then changed the subject........its true. We spent Sunday afternoon at a restaurant\disco. It was a Peruvian festa of a member in our ward; we got 12 new contacts this week and half was from that festa! So it wasnt time wasted- but we did eat way too much.

We are finding mail at our home address- I can see how that applies to missionaries far from the mission home, but I would ask that you send mail to the Mission Office. Its less likely to get lost, and theres no need to get mail everyday. We pass the office often enough ;)

Grazie for the emails, letters, and prayers. Its a wonderful thing to know that I am not alone and never have to be. Christ suffered all so that he know how to succor his children- what reason we have to be at peace.

Sorella Urban

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