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Friday, October 1, 2010


Ciao tutti,

I have 15 minutes left. Where does the time go? And why cant computers all work normally? Eh. At least I get to use a computer. I still count my blessings...even though it takes me some time to realize how much Im blessed with.

This past week I pulled out my winter clothes and the second I put on a blue sweater I bought in Firenze, it brought back a ton of memories of my first transfer. Wow. I think its my favorite sweater. I had to buy it with the money of a friend of the Acersons because I didnt have a single euro, and I wore it everyway bc it was the only thing I had. How much I have now! And how scarily easy it is to overlook all the things I have and wish for more. I was seriously humbled that first transfer. I almost wish I were living it again. Im so grateful for all the things I have, ESPECIALLY for Heavenly Fathers patience with me.

Whats happened this week? Maria has disappeared off the planet. We havent been able to reach her since we saw her the day the cancelled her baptism. We went to find her in the city yesterday, and miraculously, we found the house but no one was home, and then we got chased out by this super crabby woman. Theres no reason to be so mean. Just seeing our tags gets the weirdest reactions out of some people, like we are out to damage the world or something.

Last night, we were getting ready to write in our journals (Id just made mexican chef salad so we were all in good spirits) we decided to go see the colosseum at night: Its something S Askew has wanted to see; so we stuck our tags back on and hopped into the car and away we went! We didnt think leaving our house in pajamas would be a problem....till we parked next to the colosseum and realized that we had to get out to take some pictures. SOOO if you do see any pictures that Im in shorts with my sunday shoes...please dont make any comments ;)

While driving back home, the GPS confused us and I ended up driving contro mano, on a one way street, for 2 kilometers. AHHH! The entire time, we were basically trying to muffle blood-curdling screams as I tried to get to the end of the road where we could try to merge with the right traffic. When we got home, I had to take a pillow and scream into it to let it out of my system, and then I was able to return back to normal. Sorella Riffaldi still has a glazed look to her eyes.

President Kelly has asked me to organize scambi with the Sorelle. The Elders go on exchanges every few weeks, and he wants us to start doing them. Yay!

Nelson has the Aaronic priesthood and is preparing to recieve the Melchizedek Priesthood. (Just writing that makes me want to take a spelling class back at school).

S Askew wants to see alot of things here in Rome, so we are headed out to go see some stuff. Too bad the Assistants left us the car for the entire week because they are done in Sicily ;) We just found out that a member from there is arriving in Termini in a few hours, and they asked us to go pick her up so we will do that and maybe she will want to go around with us.

Before I end- last Saturday, we spent the day with some Romanian women we met at their 7 day adventist church and we watched 7 people get baptized, and then we had a meal together in the basement. We have ALOT of things in common concerning religion. They do baptism by immersion too, ...just that the bishop gets down in the water WITH HIS SUIT!

General Conference weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be spending all day saturday and sunday at the stake center, Roma 1, so Carla and Zia- you better be there! ;)

Lenoras coming to ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dads arriving soon, and Pres Kelly gave permission to see them. Sorella Riffaldis parents are coming next pday, A Askew saw her uncle last saturday, and I hope to see mom and dad for a bit before the end of the transfer. We found out that therell be need for another threesome next transfer, but Im pretty sure (and praying) that its not us. S Riffaldi is DYING to leave Rome. She has been here for a little too long.
As for the worm cheese (YES, we still have it). Anyone want it? S Askew wont even get near it. haha.

Ok. I have lots more Id like to write but seeing this scattered enough, maybe Ill add a pic or two and send this on its way.

Vi voglio bene!

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