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Friday, October 22, 2010



We hunted down Maria. We have had the car so we went and camped out at her doorstep and found her! Shes been ignoring us because she is stressed with things. At least we know whats going on now. Baptism is out of the question for now.

Jenny and Erica are wonderful. They live super close to our house, so we stop by whenever. I love how comfortable they are with us. Theyve been sick the past week so we sat on their bed and they were in pajamas and it was just....comfy. They are making progress and we hope to see a baptism soon. We just need to get them to church 2 more times!

Conference was wonderful and I got to sit with Zia and Roberto for part of it ;) I cant wait to get it in the Liahona so I can read and study the things said, because I didnt get many notes in. What a blessing it is to have modern day revelation and inspired leaders who help us along our way.

The three of us had dinner last night with President and Sorella Kelly. "Transfer calls" came a little early for us ;) Sorella Riffaldi is going South, and Sorella Askew and I will stay together. This coming transfer is longer than most and will go to the 5 of Dec, and then President said Ill be transferred. Sardegna? ;) I dont think so. He hinted about me remaining in the Rome Zone for around 6 transfers. I dont mind at all- the Temples being built in Rome, theres work to do!

Sorry Im not writing much- we are meeting up with Sorella Riffaldis parents now.
Vi voglio bene,

Sorella Urban

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