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Saturday, November 20, 2010

itll take a day ...or two....to remove it

Ha. My subject is in honor of Lenora- of all the times we repeated that phrase. It comes from the movie "Mouse Hunt" and the reason I included it is to tell Lenora that the man who said it has a TWIN woman who we always see when we go to Prima Porta on Fridays. Its crazy! Should I ask for her picture?!

One evening as we were waiting at a platform, I sat down next to an old woman and said "buona sera" to which she didnt reply....
A few minutes later, I glanced over at her hand and spotted a mosquito happily sucking away. She was nodding off in sleep and for a minute I didnt know what to do- I didnt want to wake her because Id already recieved the impression that she wasnt the most friendly of people... I told Sorella Askew who hates mosquitoes even more than I do (I know, hard to believe) and she told me that I had to do something. SO. I leaned forward and blew on her hand- nothing. The mosquito was probably wondering what a nice breeze there was.
I blew again. Nothing. I saw the mosquito swelling right before my eyes and I felt utterly helpless. I felt people staring at me but I couldnt stand watching a mosquito leave victorious. I took out my hymnbook and used the edge of it to brush off the mosquito, which woke up the woman and the mosquito flew past her arm and my first reaction was to finish it off, which I did. I reached over and smacked her arm; at this point, she was really awake. Good news is that I killed the mosquito and had her blood all over my hand. The other good news is that she thought I was an angel for having saved her from a mosquito bite, and kept thanking me over and over again for having caught it in time before it gave her a bite (little did she know that I watched it for a good 3 minutes before I whacked it).

On Friday night, while we were waiting outside of a largy crocery store for the arrival of member Richard Duran to join us in teaching the part member Cruz family, a car pulled up beside us and down came the window. The driver leaned out the window and said
"Youre Sorelle, right?"
Its obvious- you can see it from your appearance and the way your faces shine.
(here we look at eachother and blush and thank him) and then
Are you proselyting now?
uh....no, not now. We are waiting for a member.
Oh ok.
So, where are you from?
Roma Labaro
Yes, I mean, Roma 1 or...?
No, Roma Labaro.
(knowing that there was no ward by that name...I began to suspect that...)
What religion are you?
(the look on his face!) Turns out that he was a Jehovahs witness, and he thought we were Jdub sorelle! We pulled off our tags and had him read what it said and introduced ourselves. It was pretty funny. Right before driving off he repeated that we still had a clean appearance and thanked us for the good we are doing. Che carino ;)

Anz Mack, our district leader, had a birthday this past week. Because we were assigned treat bucket for our district meeting on Monday, I made brownies and because we couldnt find candles, we bougth this mini birthday cake firecraker\sparklers. Little did we know that they were not very mini.
The best part was having Sorella Kelly present AND all the senior couples- thankfully, only one was lit and it went on for a good minute. Everyone was laughing at how illegal and against church rules it was- and that the Marcuccis had just returned from purchasing fire extinguishers for all the missionary apartments. They jokingly told us that we Sorella are now on watch ;( We didnt mean to engulf his birthday brownies with a funnel of fire!

Last Pday we went to a church that was decorated, made, entirely of human bones. The chandeliers, the light fixtures, the art work and door framers were made of small bones in different patterns, etc. For anyone whod have the chance of coming to Rome- Id definitely suggest this museum over the Sistine Chapel. Isnt that something terrible? Its just alot more interesting!

I was wondering if anyone could tell me who set me apart. I think it was one of the Stake Presidents counselors. AND- to anyone who was present, if you remember anything that was said in the setting apart, would you please let me know? I dont remember a single thing ;(

We are going to fast with Yolanda this Saturday for her to have the courage to start living the law of chastity and to break up with her compagnio. PLUS, shes calling her Signora to cancel work on Sunday so that she can go with us to Stake Conference! :)

After email we are going to Piazza Sempione to meet with a Nigerian woman I met on the bus yesterday- she has the same facial expressions as Laurent (Firenze)! She and her 4 y.o. daughter, Abigail, are here by themselves, and the good thing is that she has every evening free to meet with us when we can.

We finally recieved a referall from a young member couple and we went to find this woman last night- shes the store owner of a shop FULL of materials of different religions. We went to her back office and she shared her beliefs (basically one or two things from EVERY religion- there are SOOO many out there!) and we talked about the Restoration and she is coming to church next week.

We are still trying to find families to teach- we know there are families who are searching and in need of the truth. Its wonderful that Christmas is around the corner and there is a different feeling in the air, and itll be easier bearing testimony of Christ to all these Catholics :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. The Crawfords are having us over and Ill be making cheesecake :) There is so much to be grateful for. This week Im especially grateful for the patience Heavenly Father has for me, especially when I am so shortsighted.

Have a great week,

Sorella Urban
p.s. Sorella Askews predicted that Im going to be transferred to Cagliari (Sardegna), serve with Sorella Tutt for a transfer, and then train Sorella Diehl. Vediamo!

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