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Monday, November 29, 2010

short and bittersweet

1. We met Fumi last Tuesday on a bus- we met with her on Wed, Thu, Mon, and tomorrow :) She is AWESOME! She is getting baptized on Dec 21!!! Id write a lot more but dont have time!
She is very very Nigerian- shell back up whatever I say in prayers we offer- its pretty funny. When we first met with her she said "God answers my prayers. I prayed to have a baby girl. I prayed to have a daughter. I didnt care if I got married. I didnt want a boyfriend, just a daughter. And God answered my prayers! I havent seen the man again. But I dont care. I wanted a daughter and my prayer was answered!"
Sorella Askew later said "Uh...God did NOT answer your prayers by having you go out and getting pregnant out of wedlock- that was all YOUR doing!"
It was pretty funny.

2. I am making cheesecake for our missionary meal tomorrow at the Crawfords. I am so happy that Thanksgiving is just an hour long!!
The Crawfords offered us dinner a few nights ago for helping them carry their naval base groceries up to their apt. We whipped together some chicken fajitas. While putting away their groceries, I almost had to sit down in shock. Food like that exists out there? All ready in colorful packages? For those of you in the U.S.- appreciate it.

3. Our house is SOOO moldy that the one bottle of spray we were given was just enough for 1\3 of our bedroom. I think itd be cheaper just to move into a different apartment!

4. We keep getting phonecalls from a private number. We answered the first few times and can hear only breathing on the other end. Creepy. SA and I have been dreaming of a man who watches us from the window-doors we have in our bedroom. Non va bene.

5. Transfer calls come this Saturday.

6. Stake Conference was on Sunday and Yolanda came with us! Lots of good talks. I wish I could share more :S

7. Louisa, a new convert AND a less active, met with us and towards the end of our lesson:
S. Askew "So will you read each night before going to bed? (yes) What time? At 22:00?"
Lousia nods her head vigourously
Me, sarcastically "Uh....I think the question is What time do you go to bed? Watch how you go to bed at 21:30!
Louisa says "No, I go to bed at 21:00!"

Really...........? It was funny.

8. We spent the day at the catacombs and we walked up the dome to the top of St. Peters. Sorella Askew is hoping to leave Rome 2 as well, so she has some things on her list she wants to see before that happens. I doubt President will blow us both out, but it could happen.

9. Have a happy thanksgiving!

10. I know this email is disappointing- Im disappointed with it. I wish I could write all about Fumi BUT 4 families in Prima Porta are seeing us tonight. YAY!!!

Sorella Urban

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